Quick swapping the PLC?

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Quick swapping the PLC?

Post by ErtjeTheFreeze » Sun Jun 21, 2020 2:17 pm

Hi all,

Are there any pin-strips that fit into the Controllino?
In case the plc would fail, I have a spare to “quickly” replace it.
But disconnecting and reconnecting all wires separately takes up a lot of time, because you have to read each label and find the right port of the plc to connect it to. I would like to connect the wires in the right order to strips with pins, which would fit directly to the plc. In that way, I would just loosen all the connection screws, place the reserve plc, plug in the strips and tighten all the connection screws again.
In this way I could also instruct non-technical people how to replace the plc.
I hope my question is clear 😃.

Rene de Vries

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Re: Quick swapping the PLC?

Post by Jarda » Mon Jul 20, 2020 2:35 pm

Dear Rene,
on the Inputs and outputs there are used connectors with pitch of 3.81 mm and for relays 5.08 mm. We didn't solve this issue yet, but theoretically you use some type of pinheader, on one side solder the wires and other side will be screwed to CONTROLLINO, but I understand that it is not so professional ;).
Please go through come connector producers, maybe you will find something more suitable like pinheader.


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