CPP Version and std::string

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CPP Version and std::string

Post by sutt » Tue Jul 07, 2020 8:05 am

Hi Controllino-Forum,

I'm new to the Controllino but very familiar with Arduino, NodeMCU, ESP, C and CPP.

I'm telling this - not to brag :D - but to inform you that I have already written a bunch of libs, classes and codes that are all compiling and running fine on other platforms.

Now I got my hands on a Controllino MAXI Automation, to enhance some of my stuff, and therefore wanted to reuse my libraries. Now the compiler is stuck and claims he does not know about

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#include <string>

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using std::string;
My guess is this relates to the C++-Version used for compiling code for the Controllino or am I missing something else?

I know there is a lib String (captial S) by Arduino, but a) memory issues and b) all my libs are already programmed using string :/

I hope you guys have some input.

Thank you very much!

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Re: CPP Version and std::string

Post by Lukas » Mon Aug 10, 2020 12:18 pm

Hi Soeren,

do you complain to Arduino IDE or CONTROLLINO? :)

Or in other words - is it possible to compile your code for a board Arduino Mega ?

Best regards,

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