Home Automation - New build home

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Home Automation - New build home

Post by mocca » Wed May 27, 2020 12:55 pm

Hi all,
I am currently in the process of building a new family home and I want to implement a smart home system based on Arduino / Controllino Hardware.
Why not KNX or some other of the well known and established systems?
- Because I want to build it by myself
- Because I want to understand the whole thing in detail and be able to help myself in case of any issue,
- Because I like tinkering and I want to be free to implement any features in the future and I want to use an open standard and not be forced to any proprietary software or hardware,
- and, last but not least, I want to save some money in the process, using the wide range of available hardware for the arduino platform, compared to hardware for one of the well known systems on the market...

Basic functions:
  • Lighting control -> pushbuttons
  • shades control -> pushbuttons
  • some switchable power sockets
Extended functions:
  • Heating control -> single room thermostats
  • Weather station
  • Moving/presence Sensors outside/inside
  • Moisture sensors
  • Window/door/garage door monitoring
  • Alarm system
  • Smart functions resulting out of the sensor informations
  • Time control
  • Scene control
  • all the other crazy Ideas that will come to my mind during the process... ;-)
For the basic functions I want to use Arduino / Controllino and I want it to work independent, without any Network connection etc. -> just simple input/output operations:
- lights on/off
- shades up/down

I have 3 different switch cabinets distributed in different Areas of the house (lower floor, upper floor, garage/workshop)
where all the wiring for the specific areas comes togehther.
Just for the basic functions, Lights, Blind control & some switchable power sockets I need already 100 inputs & 115 outputs.
Not included the window and door sensors or any other additional features.

I already have purchased 4 Controllino MEGA (1 for Garage, 2 for lower floor, 1 for upper floor) which gives me 160 outputs, but only 84 inputs...

And here it comes to my first question:
Is it possible to extend Controllino with additional inputs / outputs or will I need more Controllinos?

I will keep you updated during the process and I am thankful for any hints, suggestions, questions you may have!

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Re: Home Automation - New build home

Post by Jarda » Wed Jun 03, 2020 9:07 am


thank you for selecting CONTROLLINO as heart of your New home.

You can use for example every extension board you will find on the market with Interface RS485, SPI etc. or of course second CONTROLLINO will be also option ;-).
Maybe it would be even better for example to have two independent systems - one CONTROLLINO for lights control for example, the second for heating etc. In case of some software troubles for example, not complete house will be OFF.

But all up to you ;-).

Good luck !

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