Maxi - Running 2 DC-motors, both ways.

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Maxi - Running 2 DC-motors, both ways.

Post by maasoey » Sat May 11, 2019 5:15 pm


I've recently started testing a Controllino Maxi, but the DC-motors will only turn one direction.
I'm not that skilled with Arduino, yet. :-)

How do I use the integrated H-bridge properly?
And how do I use the analog inputs as digital inputs?

The setup I want is:

analog/digital in 1. Run DCmotor1 - Clockwise.
analog/digital in 2. Run DCmotor1 - Counter clockwise.
analog/digital in 3. Run DCmotor2 - Clockwise.
analog/digital in 4. Run DCmotor2 - Counter clockwise.

Best regards

-With this setup, the motors only run one direction.

Which alternative is correct?

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Re: Maxi - Running 2 DC-motors, both ways.

Post by Mr. CONTROLLINO » Tue May 14, 2019 6:06 am

Hello maasoey,

Sorry ... but the MAXI only has high side switches!
A high side switch is an electronical switch that switches the supply voltage to the output or not.
A high side switch will not pull the output to ground if "0".

Only the CONTROLLINO MEGA has 12 half bridge outputs. A half bridge output will pull the output to GND if "0". With the CONTROLLINO MEGA it would work!


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