How to totally reset a C. Mega?

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How to totally reset a C. Mega?

Post by miko-edv » Sat Jan 11, 2020 3:50 pm


we bought 3 Controllino Mega about mid November.

Now, as the project is working in the test environment and the machine #1 gets shipped, the preparations for #2 are on.
You can imagine my astonishement, when the 3rd Controllino not only gets a different COM-port on the same PC (the other 2 get Com6, this wants to be called as Com8), but also refuses to get _any_ sketches uploaded - not even blink.ino can be transferred ...

The serial monitor (shift-ctrl-m) can attach, but gets no output - no wonder as the Controllino is still virginal.

My thought is that it is somewhere with a damaged loader module, so I want to reload ist.
How can this be done?


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