Quick swapping the PLC?

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Quick swapping the PLC?

Post by ErtjeTheFreeze » Sun Jun 21, 2020 2:17 pm

Hi all,

Are there any pin-strips that fit into the Controllino?
In case the plc would fail, I have a spare to “quickly” replace it.
But disconnecting and reconnecting all wires separately takes up a lot of time, because you have to read each label and find the right port of the plc to connect it to. I would like to connect the wires in the right order to strips with pins, which would fit directly to the plc. In that way, I would just loosen all the connection screws, place the reserve plc, plug in the strips and tighten all the connection screws again.
In this way I could also instruct non-technical people how to replace the plc.
I hope my question is clear 😃.

Rene de Vries

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